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Roll an Intelligence Check: Optimization and The Magic Circle


source: http://zepher234.deviantart.com/art/Magic-Circle-Eternity-178166493?q=gallery%3Azepher234%2F4138142&qo=117 – artist zepher234

Twinking, munchkin gaming, power-gaming, Min/Maxing these are a few of the (negative) terms used to refer to the practice of character optimization. Judging by the fact that this practice has so many pejoratives with which to refer to it, it would seem as if this is a practice scorned by many members of the gaming community. My question is why?  Why take so much offense to character optimization? The only truly “valid” answer I could come up with is that optimization breaks the magic circle. To optimize a character requires a player to minimize the base traits that your particular character won’t need, while maximizing the ones that most benefit the role your character will.… Read the rest