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“Save us!” The Objectification of Women in Video Games

“Damsel in Distress,” is a popular term utilized and personified in media such a literature, movies and of course, video games. But what does it actually mean?  According to Urban Dictionary, there are three definitions:

1. A stereotype of portraying an unmarried female who needs to be saved.

2. any female in need of aid

 3. A usually beautiful, virginal, virtuous, and hopelessly passive young woman constantly in need of rescue by the dashing hero.

None of which are all that flattering…


This ever popular term can been seen in games as early as “Sheriff,” (pictured above) which was an arcade game developed by Nintendo in 1979 which displays a “female” character referred to as “The Beauty,” who must be rescued from a group of bandits.… Read the rest

Awareness through Games?!

Thanks to the social media we have become more and more aware of problems that not only happen in the United States but around the world as well. Many people have united to take a stand and fight for change and they will go through great measures to achieve it. A recent New York Times article brought light to the fact that there is a game that will draw attention to women’s issues. One of the biggest social media sites, Facebook, will be unveiling a new game that is based on the book “Half the Sky: Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women Worldwide,” that focuses on bringing attention to issues like female genital mutilation and child prostitution.… Read the rest