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Grand Theft Auto: A Woman Behind the Wheel

It’s no secret that the Grand Theft Auto series is aimed at a male demographic. All of the protagonists correspond to the grizzled, hyper-masculine image of a hardened criminal, and female prostitutes have been a staple of the game since the beginning. Women may be present as side characters, but even as side characters they generally get less of the spotlight. From what little I know of games pertaining to the criminal underworld, the lack of a positive (or influential) influence isn’t abnormal.

But why isn’t it abnormal? Cultural presumptions, surely. Films like ScarfaceThe Godfather, and Goodfellas, the basis for these kinds of games, are male-centric.… Read the rest

Women Fighters in Videogames

Okay so I know the class is going to talk about the #1reasonwhy movement tomorrow and that much of what I have to say may very well be a part of planned discussion tomorrow. Or maybe this post will kickstart more conversation. I am %1000 aware of the fact that I am erasing tons of people who have been historically underrepresented or badly represented in videogames but I only have so much space and frankly I could write a dissertation on this subject. Anyway, on to the meat of it!

Women with a very few acceptions have been poorly represented in mainstream videogames.… Read the rest

Sexual Maturity for the Gaming Community

Alyx Vance

There are two main concerns at the forefront of the argument against games. The first, and foremost, is violence. The second, though much less prevalent, is sex. Contrary to it’s rarity, especially in comparison to violence, when sex is found in a video game, it often stands as an even greater insult to the perceived “delicate sensibilities” of today’s youth. Many games have come under fire for their portrayal of the birds and the bees, some rightly so (the hot coffee mod of the Grand Theft Auto series) while others not so justifiable. Bioware’s attempt to further their story through character interactions in their Mass Effect series, which allowed for players to not only gain a love interest (unhindered by old age views of hetero- and homosexuality nor inter-species sexuality) but to also have relations with said love interest came under heavy fire from the Fox News Media outlet that spoke harshly, and incorrectly, about the game “leaving NOTHING to the imagination”

But though Fox’s description went far beyond what you could actually do in the game, it leaves one wondering, even if sex was brought in to strengthen the relationship between these characters and not for voyeurism, are gamers really ready for that?… Read the rest