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Video Killed the Family Game Night

I don’t know if this is a shared, universal experience but I played a lot of board games when I was younger. More specifically, I was forced to play a lot of board games when I was younger. My mom was very anti-electronics and wanted my younger sister and I to participate in social activities that didn’t involve us staring at a TV and/or computer screen all day. Looking back on this, I was interested in seeing how our society’s view of board games has evolved since the introduction of video games.

There is a coined term for the familial social activity associated with board games: the Family Game Night.… Read the rest

Are Video Games A Weight Loss Fad?


Americans are always trying to find the best and sometimes easiest ways to work out without going to the gym.  One of the more recent trends is using your game console, whether it’s Xbox 360, Wii, or PS3 etc., you can now exercise using video games.  Nintendo’s Wii Fit, EA Canada’s Sports Active, Ubisoft’s Your Shape Fitness Evolved, and The Biggest Loser’s Ultimate Workout are just a few examples of exercise games.  I personally have never used any sort of exercise game due to my mixed feelings-whether they actually do help with weight loss/staying in shape or it’s just a gimmick.… Read the rest