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I Caught on Fire Again: Fire in Sims


Sims have a habit of catching on fire. The strongest memory I have from when I first played Sims 1 as a child was the sudden panic after turning away from the computer screen for one second I returned to find a panicked Sim surrounded by fire and lamenting that I had not installed fire alarms to alert firefighters to save her. Needless to say the first game of Sims I ever played did not go well, as ultimately my carelessness resulted in death by fire for my Sim.

The Sims games are currently on their 4th release and have hundreds of expansions, however with each new release the possibility to accidently cause mass havoc actually has decreased.… Read the rest

God is in the Numbers


Behind all the smoke and mirrors, what are video games but  lines of code with high aspirations?  Unlike with movies, which for the most part share this relationship with coding to the point of visual representation and no further, video games aspire to simulate living, breathing situations through a responsive world that will change both with and without user interactions.  Even if you set down the gamepad without pressing pause to fix yourself a tuna melt during a rousing bout of Super Mario Bros, the Goomba, Koopa, Koopa Paratroopa will all still algorithmically waddle and hop about, all for the sake of simulated agency. … Read the rest