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Pink = girls lol!

Where the hell is everybody?

A lot of blog posts try to make an argument. Some of them present data and then try to make an argument. Scientifically, of course. This blog post… I don’t know what kind of argument I can make. I have a statistically insignificant data set that belies the real point. I have little more than anecdotes. However, these anecdotes, these experiences, were interesting enough that I do feel like I should relay them.

In my lonely, chubby, socially awkward days as a middle school student, I was not the most comfortable person when it came to real life. In fact, chances are I was the least comfortable person in any given room at any given time.… Read the rest

Boob Physics: The Only Science That Matters When You’re Beating People Up

I was hanging out and watching some friends play Portal (and resisting the urge to grab the controller and do the puzzle for them). They were positioned between two portals so you could see Chell when one of their roommates walked in. He immediately said “Wow, she’s ugly” and wondered why someone would make a female character unattractive. He also said that if she doesn’t have nice tits she doesn’t belong in a game. Well then.

Thinking on that then segued into me thinking about when my sister and I would play Dead or Alive 3 together, a totally appropriate game for an eleven and eight year old to be playing mind  you, which then morphed into me wondering if game developers knew how breasts worked.… Read the rest