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What Does it Truly Mean to Be an RPG

What’s that sound? It’s your favorite childhood video game coming out to play! Normally with ongoing franchises like Kingdom Hearts, players immediately launch into their favorite game, what they like about the story (if they can actually decipher it), and what their opinions are on gameplay and overall effect. Here though, we are going to take a step back from out old obsession and look at from a different perspective, and a different topic. Let’s question if the game we have been playing since we were nine is really what we think we’ve been playing.

The Kingdom Hearts franchise has been a household name in console games for many years.… Read the rest

Morality in Fantasy Role-Playing Games

You’ve built your character very carefully, designing them into a realistic, if perhaps over-skilled person, one with individual characteristics, and perhaps even a somewhat planned storyline.  Then, you accidentally steal something.  You meant to select the shopkeeper or house-owner before you, but instead, you select their valuable health potion, and without hesitation, they attack you.  Your immediate reaction?  You don’t return the stolen item, or explain your mistake.  Nor even do you admit what you’ve done and accept a night in jail.  Often times, you don’t have the chance to do these things, and, when you do, well, it costs you less coin to just take out your enchanted mace and kill that poor shopkeeper.  … Read the rest

Nostalgia for Mario RPG: Revisiting and Reassessing a Childhood Favorite

Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars for the Super Nintendo is one of my all-time favorite games/memories from childhood. I played the game with my brother for hours on end and was enchanted by the graphics, music, and characters. Sadly, around age 10 or 11 my Super Nintendo broke, rendering the dozens of games I had purchased for the console useless. I traded and sold them all away except for one: Super Mario RPG. I just couldn’t do it to myself to let it go. If, for any reason, I got ahold of another Super Nintendo, I wanted to be sure that I could play that game.… Read the rest

Graphics are Overrated: Great RPG’s


With the graphical ceiling pretty much being hit by the current generation of consoles, I’ve become jaded to modern AAA games. The realistic explosions are very pretty, and the character models have seemingly crossed the uncanny valley, and the games are fun to play, but at the end of the game I’m not really left with much, moving on to the next thing churned out by these large video game companies. One of the biggest things I look for in a single player game is the narrative. Two of the biggest problems I find with AAA titles is that either they do too much telling through dialogue and not enough showing through actions, or they shoehorn too many cutscenes in where the player is rendered incompetent.… Read the rest

The Wonderful(ly Tragic) World of OFF

Between our class readings of Ready Player One, dissecting vintage video games, and even reading blog entries that focus on the elements of darker art games, I couldn’t help but contribute with a close reading of my new current obsession.

Rising from the murky depths of the indie video gaming genre surfaces the 2008 RPG known as OFF by Unproductive Fun Time, a French group led by head game designers Mortis Ghost and Alias Conrad Coldwood. Having been recently translated for the English-speaking audience, the game takes place in an alternate world where the player controls an unknown entity named the “The Batter”.… Read the rest

Post-Apocalyptic Society

Fallout 3 is Bethesda Game Studios’ third installment in the Fallout series. Fallout takes place in the future, in a post-apocalyptic setting; while the first few installments were met with relative success, it was with Fallout 3 in 2008 that Bethesda really garnered attention for their games. Fallout 3 takes place in the post-apocalyptic wasteland in and around the D.C.-Metropolitan area, which shows the direct impact that a supposed Chinese nuclear war had on the Nation’s capitol. As a role playing game, Fallout 3 allows for the player to do whatever they please; while yes, there is a main quest/storyline, the player is free to make whatever decisions they want.… Read the rest

Women Fighters in Videogames

Okay so I know the class is going to talk about the #1reasonwhy movement tomorrow and that much of what I have to say may very well be a part of planned discussion tomorrow. Or maybe this post will kickstart more conversation. I am %1000 aware of the fact that I am erasing tons of people who have been historically underrepresented or badly represented in videogames but I only have so much space and frankly I could write a dissertation on this subject. Anyway, on to the meat of it!

Women with a very few acceptions have been poorly represented in mainstream videogames.… Read the rest

In Which the Esteemed Author Argues with Great Resolve that Elder Scrolls and Fallout Games are not RPGs, and that He Definitely Does Not Cheat

The problem with me and Bethesda games is that they are too awesome. Awesome, not in the sense of being really good, although they often are, but rather in the older definition of the word: denoting magnitude. There’s so much to do in the games that they are no longer simple Role Playing Games (RPGs: those games in which one chooses one’s character and uses it as a guide to react to the environment given to them) but rather sandbox games. This is evidenced by the loose main quest of their last major game Elder Scrolls: Skyrim, as they instead chose to spend energy fleshing out side quests and other aspects of the game.… Read the rest