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A Slave Obeys: Persuasion in Bioshock.

Warning: Spoilers


Society has a funny way of making people do things they otherwise may not have done, like beating a man to death with a golf club. We have all heard of persuasion. We have all persuaded others to do things they may not have wanted to do otherwise. However, I think it is fair to assume no one reading this has killed a man simply because someone told them to. How does the art of persuasion work? Jack, the unnaturally willing slave in Bioshock one, provides a glimpse on how powerful persuasion can be.

The term persuasion means to induce someone to believe something by appealing to reason or circumstance.… Read the rest

Legion, the Geth and Idividualism

In the Mass Effect series, many strange and exotic species share the limelight with humanity. The Turians, a bipedal avian-like species with bone-plated faces, the Asari, an all female race of a bluer hue (inspired by the sexual adventures of Captain James T Kirk), and more. At one point, you will meet the Hanar, large amphibious luminescent jellyfish that speak in the third person. “Surely,” you think, “this must be as strange as it gets!” But when you reach the second game in the series, a much more alien concept appears in the form of the Geth.

Just under 300 years ago, the Geth followed the same archetypal story of Man v Machine, where they were created, gained sentience, rebelled and killed.… Read the rest

Psychology in Sims

My favorite game in the whole entire world would have to be The Sims any kind, I love them all so I had to find an article on The Sims 3 a fairly recent Sims game that came out. When I was looking up article I wanted to find the most perfect one to do, and I came across one that was called “Exploring the Mysteries of the Mind with the Sims 3”. When I read this title I automatically was thinking that this had to do something with psychology since it had the word “mind” in it. I thought that the main concept would be about why and what type of people play Sims, I thought that that would be cool because it would give me an excuse to tell my mom why I play this game all the time.… Read the rest

“I want a sword too!” Heroines in E-rated Games


In my opinion, one of the most appealing aspects about video games is the chance to play a hero. As the hero, you get to exist in a world specifically designed for you and your chances to triumph. There are hardships but it’s those hardships that provide an opportunity to empathize with the emotions and situations of the character you play. You learn to relate, and although you may not always view the character as yourself, you definitely grow an attachment. So, if there is a possibility to get so captivated with the game, shouldn’t there at the very least be a gender option for the hero?… Read the rest