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What’s the Point of “Scary” Art Games?

We play video games for our own reasons: because they’re fun, because we’re bored, because we’re procrastinating, because we need something to occupy our time until an event occurs. However, some of us play games as a way to escape our daily stresses, or to break away from reality itself. In this sense, video games act as opiates, taking our mind off of the circumstances that we don’t wish to face. When I use the term “opiate” I’m referencing sociologist Karl Marx’s “opium of the masses” quote, explaining how humans have forms of self-releases to cope with their struggles or, in his words, a “sigh of the oppressed creature.”… Read the rest

Oíche Mhaith: You can’t always get what you want


Before I slap this proverbial pony on the ass so that it might just saunter out of the gates, I’m going to go ahead and fire off the disclaimer that Oíche Mhaith is not a particularly polite game.  While the warnings of excessive violence and nudity seem a bit much considering it’s an 8-bit flash game wherein the most you’ll see is a suggestive clump of fist-size pixels, the unsettling themes and unsavory language present in the text and events that weave together Eimear’s grim narrative are the active elements of discomfort and potential nightmare fuel.

That being said, here’s the link to play Oíche Mhaith. … Read the rest