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The Success of a Puzzling Professor

Puzzle-based games have held an important role in the history of video games, including classic titles such as Tetris and Portal. The sub-genres of puzzle games range from falling block puzzles to puzzle platformers, but by far the sub-genre that I have found the most interesting has been the logic puzzle genre. This opinion has been largely influenced by the handheld adventure puzzle game series, Professor Layton.

The first Layton game was released in Japan by game producers Level-5 and Nintendo in 2007 and in North America the next year. The initial success of this game spurred the creation of five sequels, a crossover with the Phoenix Wright game series, a few books, and a movie.… Read the rest

Haunt the House: Cute or Highly Disturbing?

When I first played this Haunt the House, I played a short flash version. I loved it so much I bought a fuller version of the game, Haunt the House: Terrortown, on Steam for $4.99. This is a pretty short game for the most part but tons of fun. You play a cute little unhappy ghost. The objective is pretty simple, you have to scare all the people out of the house. This can be translated as scaring them out of the house or scaring them to the point they jump out the window and kill themselves. You scare the people by possessing objects and moving them around or using special options that are sometimes unique to the object you are possessing.… Read the rest