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Let’s Set the Score Straight

Since video games have become commonplace in today’s society, their influence has grown in ways that may seem unexpected.  When we look back at some of the very first video games and compare them to the games we see in stores today, it seems like we followed some natural progression to get where we are, and I would have to completely agree; stories have become more in depth and intricate, graphics have almost reached the realism many FPSs aim for, and the sounds! Voice acting, effects, and, yes this is what I’ve been setting up, music has become exceptional… so much so in fact, that video game music seems to have gained an unprecedented-in-video-game-communities following, which is that of non-gamers. … Read the rest

Why Music is Central to Enjoyment of Video Games

Rhythm games notwithstanding, music is one of the most important (but underrated) aspects of almost every game. Each unique soundtrack to a game (or even usage of a licensed song) brings with it a bevy of moments to engage the player. For example, as enjoyable as The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is, one of the most important parts of that game is the first time it is ever played. While the main theme is present throughout the game proper, sitting on the main menu for three to four minutes to hear that song is both massively enjoyable and perfect for getting the player in the right mood to play that game.… Read the rest