Guild Wars 2: Breaking the Trope

  Hearing about MMORPG’s always seem to sound the same in terms of complaints and descriptions. It’s too difficult for beginners, the toxicity of other players, the game mechanics are difficult to understand, they continually ask for money in terms of pay-to-win, etc,. As someone who doesn’t often play MMORPG’s, it’s always been a challenge to look past the grimy outside stigmas of this popular genre. Depending on complete strangers to play and win always seems like a weird concept, much more so when you’re comfortable playing at home relying on your own skills instead of whoever happens to be online. But not all games follow this strict description of set characterization and reliance on other, often hostile strangers.… Read the rest

Magically Scientific, Scientifically Magical: The Many Genres of Destiny

by Daniel Epperly

One of the most anticipated videogames to be released in several years was Destiny. Developed by Bungie, the studio that originally created the Halo franchise (though the Halo team split off several years ago and formed 343 Industries), and published by Activision, Destiny was awaited with eager, clamoring impatience by the world’s gaming community, but after its release the eagerness and excitement turned to frank disappointment, and even outrage. The perceived failings of Destiny have been discussed, theorized and argued about ever since, but even though it may be difficult to discuss the game at all without at least touching upon the game’s controversies, that is not the subject of this article.… Read the rest

The Pains of Being New to League of Legends

Imagine what it feels like to fall into a pit.  Like one of those poorly hidden ones you see in movies, where a blanket of leaves and twigs covers the entrance and you are too stupid to see the difference in foliage.  You fall down maybe twenty feet, and red clay surrounds you.  There is nothing to hold on to, nothing to boost you up.  You scratch helplessly at the walls and get dirt in your eyes.  This is what it feels like to be a new player in League of Legends.

I started playing this wretched game about two and half months ago. … Read the rest