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Legion, the Geth and Idividualism

In the Mass Effect series, many strange and exotic species share the limelight with humanity. The Turians, a bipedal avian-like species with bone-plated faces, the Asari, an all female race of a bluer hue (inspired by the sexual adventures of Captain James T Kirk), and more. At one point, you will meet the Hanar, large amphibious luminescent jellyfish that speak in the third person. “Surely,” you think, “this must be as strange as it gets!” But when you reach the second game in the series, a much more alien concept appears in the form of the Geth.

Just under 300 years ago, the Geth followed the same archetypal story of Man v Machine, where they were created, gained sentience, rebelled and killed.… Read the rest

Sci-fi’s Technological Brilliance

(Warning: Lots of Links!) For as long as science fiction has been a popular genre there has been a flood of new technology that has been introduced. In many cases, the technology which has been created over the years has somehow made its way into reality. One of the best examples is Martin Cooper crediting his inspiration for the cell phone to Capt. James T. Kirk’s use of a communicator in TOS. This was included in the 2005 documentary How William Shatner Changed the WorldOther examples of tech which have come into reality are not at all uncommon.… Read the rest