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Do Your Choices Matter? A Look at Mass Effect by BioWare.

Plenty of games tailor themselves to the player by allowing them the mode of choice. In this manner, most (if done well) of the players’ choices will lead their own specific consequences and stack upon themselves. One problem that people have with some games, however, is that while the notion of choice is promised they feel that most of their input has led to them to some pre-scripted event that they had no control over. When this happens, it’s almost as if an unwritten contract between game developer and player has been breached. But when you think of games like that, what comes to mind?… Read the rest

Rock-Paper-Synthesis: Conflict for Mass Effect’s Ending

A week. Hour for hour, I admit and swear on my overcrowded hard-drive that I have spent over a week of my life playing the entirety of the Mass Effect series (multiple times, I might add) as my lovely Commander Shepard. And every second of time I spent, I feel was meaningful and driven by my own personal decisions. No-one insisted on the innumerable times I traveled vertically over lava mountains, and nothing past impartially generated code decided that I needed to be swarmed by frigid thresher maws every second I spent on an ice planet. I initiated every instance where I was told to “wait for a bit” by an avian-esque alien with a voice as velvety as a Victorian chaise, and I may or may not have dubious feelings about why I am okay with that.… Read the rest

Building the World of Mass Effect

A few days ago, I was having a conversation with a friend about current events when he joked that we only had to wait a little more than one hundred years until humans could find alien ruins on Mars that would reveal the secret of intergalactic space travel.  Like any gamer, I immediately recognized this as the plot of the Mass Effect series, and I responded by saying that I knew the alternate history presented in the games better than my own.  Of course this was obviously an exaggeration, but it did make me think about what a huge and unique world that the designers of the game had painstakingly created. … Read the rest

“Social” Single Player Games

While watching the Playstation 4 (hereafter PS4) event on February 20, I noticed that there was a heavy emphasis on the social capabilities of the PS4. The PS4 has the ability to share game-play footage and screenshots with very little difficulty, and can even allow the player to take control of another player’s game in order to aid that player. The PS4 even has a dedicated “share” button on the PS4 controller, implying the importance of social interaction in the PS4.


Now, all this talk of “sharing” in the PS4 seems to imply the overall importance that social interaction will have in the future of video games.… Read the rest