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Reviewing The Corruption In the Game Industry

In this post, I decided instead of looking at a specific video game, I decided that I would look at gaming news sites, specifically at their dirty reviewing practices.

Video game news sites. I almost laugh when I say it because it’s terrible (or at least the reviews are anyway). In theory, it’s a great idea. We gamers, have an almost insatiable appetite for previews and interviews with developers for upcoming game we are excited for. We watch their streams during big events and conventions like the PS4 debut, E3, and TGS. Most importantly and disturbingly, we use their reviews as justification to buy games we are on the fence about buying.… Read the rest

Can Horror and Art Coincide? A Close Reading (Playing) of Amnesia: the Dark Descent


Having asked whether games lie within the realm of art, it can be said that a game is capable of “doing art” particularly if it inspires or affects the one evaluating it. But can we say that a survival horror game engenders this emotional catharsis in the same manner as other game genres? I ask this because the genre is comparably different from RPG or strategy games in that it is defined less by its set up and more by the specific effect it is meant to have on the players, i.e. its ability to make them scream.

That being said, we need to recognize what elements of a game must be “scary enough” to make it a survival horror.… Read the rest