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Tales of Symphonia: Grasping Close to the Heart

Tales of Symphonia is a game that I have played over and over like a song you cannot get out of your head. The emotion it evokes is completely thought provoking. The characters are all different and unique in their personalities and battle styles. Thinking about this game always makes me think about why I have such an intense passion for it. It’s one of the few games I have actually finished to completion.  The mechanics of the game are so amazing that even to this day I love them. Everything is so thought out and detailed. I think one of the reason I became so close to the game was how it was a two disc game.… Read the rest

CHILD’S PLAY: Educating your Children through your Console


In recent years there has been a rise in the development of educational video games for children ranging in ages from as young as the pre-K category to elementary school aged children.  These platforms have been explored through all three of the most popular gaming consoles including the Wii, PlayStation 3 as well as the Xbox.

Many of these games are not just simply games one plays for “fun.”  These games serve as a learning tool which assists children with a variety of skills including the development of problem-solving skills, generating ideas in creativity, all while having a good time.  From personal experience I realize the importance of video games as well as PC games and their educational nature in helping a child who may be behind in school. … Read the rest