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Yokai, Oni and Pokemon… Oh My! Pt. 2

I hope you’ve all  braced yourself for the weird, because it’s time for us to once again discuss the stranger side of the Pokemon universe!

Previously I wrote about how many of the Pokemon you know and love are based off the terrifyingly, bizarre creatures of Japan known as Yokai. As a quick refresher Yokai are Japanese monsters, spirits, and other sorts of strange phenomena. These beings can be all-powerful gods, super-powered animals, deformed men and women, goblins and ogres, various kinds of undead and literally anything in between. For a more detailed explanation on Yokai check out my original post here.… Read the rest

Yokai, Oni and Pokemon… Oh My!

This past weekend I attended an anime convention at the National Harbor in Maryland known as Katsucon. As with every anime convention I got to experience many weird and wonderful panels, merchandise and cosplay.

One panel I thoroughly enjoyed during my stay was Kowai: Ghosts, Yokai and Japanese Monster Culture, a lecture done by Charles Dunbar on the cryptic creatures of Japan known as Yokai (check out his blog here: http://www.studyofanime.com). What are Yokai you may be asking? Well the short definition is monster but as Dunbar has said the term Yokai is a broad one and therefore has no precise meaning; other definitions include (but are not limited to): spirit, goblin, ghost, fantastic being, a strange unexplainable experience and even just changing thing.… Read the rest