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Magically Scientific, Scientifically Magical: The Many Genres of Destiny

by Daniel Epperly

One of the most anticipated videogames to be released in several years was Destiny. Developed by Bungie, the studio that originally created the Halo franchise (though the Halo team split off several years ago and formed 343 Industries), and published by Activision, Destiny was awaited with eager, clamoring impatience by the world’s gaming community, but after its release the eagerness and excitement turned to frank disappointment, and even outrage. The perceived failings of Destiny have been discussed, theorized and argued about ever since, but even though it may be difficult to discuss the game at all without at least touching upon the game’s controversies, that is not the subject of this article.… Read the rest

A Game of Furry Animals and Dice Rolls


When one thinks of tabletop roleplaying games, they think of a bunch of nerds sitting around a table with pads and pens, rolling dice on the surface and having a game master read to you what happens next. However, with modern society put emphasis on technology and online gaming, it’s not really surprising that more of these games are becoming more technologically advanced. There are websites such as Roll20 which allows people to get together online and play a campaign complete with a detailed map and GM, and there are more classic styles with a new twist: boards games that have a digital map and features.Read the rest