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Long Live the King

One thing that seems to be missing from most of the games I see advertised these days is humor. Why? Comedy is arguably one of the oldest and most popular aspects of entertainment. Be it the comedies of Aristophanes which have survived hundreds of years or something more recent like the wildly popular musical: The Book of Mormon, it just goes to show that humans like to laugh. While I realize that what people find funny is something that is certainly subjective, I can’t help feeling that as a whole humor seems undervalued by video game developers. Sure I’ve chuckled here and there at finding different Easter Eggs like the computer screen in Halo 2‘s map Zanzibar  and I’ve chortled at the utter lunacy that permeates king conkerSander Cohen in Bioshock, but it has been awhile since a game has really had me in stitches the way that Conker’s Bad Fur Day for the N64 used to.… Read the rest