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Quest for a Better DLC

Earlier this week I was watching a friend play the game DLC Quest. This game seemed determined to embody many annoying aspects of games such as excessive back tracking, constantly needing upgrades, and requiring you to buy a DLC pack for even the simplest of things. My favorite parts were when the game poked fun at nonsensical happenings in games – a spiraling random encounter screen explained by the villain just as what ‘always happens’ when someone comes across him or the main character, called Player, refusing a side quest saying “I don’t even know you. Solve your own problems.… Read the rest

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: Downloadable Content

As we all know, video games have been around for a while. What hasn’t been around for a while? Downloadable content, or DLC, a relatively new practice that is usually immensely profitable for publishers, frustrating for gamers; at other times, it is neither of those things. We’ve been through several generations of consoles, but the online marketplaces of the Xbox 360 and the PS3 changed everything. We have grown accustomed to the reality of the existence of DLC.

DLC is not always the bane of existence for gamers. While it’s certainly unfair that we have to pay extra for content for a game we already payed up to 60 dollars for, the fact of the matter is that in past generations, we would never have experienced those extras; the content would have been left on the cutting room floor.… Read the rest