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The Selfless Truth Behind Dark Souls 2


The RPG game Dark Souls 2 holds the premises for the bleak meaning behind human nature. Through NPC dialogue, item descriptions and appearance, and geographic clues The Chosen Undead is sent on a mission by Queen Nashandra to relight the Kiln of the First Flame to save humanity. Dark Souls 2 takes place in a world where a mysterious curse has released that when you die, you are turned into an undead soul that loses all memories of your human life and leaves you as nothing but a wandering empty shell. The Chosen Undead is your character whom is nameless and has been chosen (like many others over the past centuries) to relight the Kiln of the First Flame to end the curse until the flame burns out again.… Read the rest

Dark Souls: Just Hard Enough

Difficulty in games can be something of a polarized topic. The most often I hear it brought up is when a game fails to do it right, either in being too easy and unsatisfying or too hard and frustrating. It’s much less often that I hear a review along the lines “This game was appropriately difficult”, most likely because there are more obvious features to call out in a game; graphics, storylines, and sound effects prominently. These are all more or less transferable things, which you could get some sense of from pictures, gameplay clips, or story synopses, and they’re easier to justify in quality.… Read the rest