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Do Your Choices Matter? A Look at Mass Effect by BioWare.

Plenty of games tailor themselves to the player by allowing them the mode of choice. In this manner, most (if done well) of the players’ choices will lead their own specific consequences and stack upon themselves. One problem that people have with some games, however, is that while the notion of choice is promised they feel that most of their input has led to them to some pre-scripted event that they had no control over. When this happens, it’s almost as if an unwritten contract between game developer and player has been breached. But when you think of games like that, what comes to mind?… Read the rest

Dragon Age Inquisition: More Side Quest Then Game

Dragon Age Inquisition was released back in November of 2014 and was hyped to be one of the best games of the year. Although it was a very fun game, it did not live up to the hype that had been building up. The aspect of this game that made it not live up to its potential was the amount of side quests the player was given. The game had about six actual story impacting missions and each took about 40-60 minutes to complete, altogether the story should only take a couple hours to beat. As a player who has just beaten the game recently, I finished the game logging in over 120 hours.… Read the rest

Legion, the Geth and Idividualism

In the Mass Effect series, many strange and exotic species share the limelight with humanity. The Turians, a bipedal avian-like species with bone-plated faces, the Asari, an all female race of a bluer hue (inspired by the sexual adventures of Captain James T Kirk), and more. At one point, you will meet the Hanar, large amphibious luminescent jellyfish that speak in the third person. “Surely,” you think, “this must be as strange as it gets!” But when you reach the second game in the series, a much more alien concept appears in the form of the Geth.

Just under 300 years ago, the Geth followed the same archetypal story of Man v Machine, where they were created, gained sentience, rebelled and killed.… Read the rest