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Rock-Paper-Synthesis: Conflict for Mass Effect’s Ending

A week. Hour for hour, I admit and swear on my overcrowded hard-drive that I have spent over a week of my life playing the entirety of the Mass Effect series (multiple times, I might add) as my lovely Commander Shepard. And every second of time I spent, I feel was meaningful and driven by my own personal decisions. No-one insisted on the innumerable times I traveled vertically over lava mountains, and nothing past impartially generated code decided that I needed to be swarmed by frigid thresher maws every second I spent on an ice planet. I initiated every instance where I was told to “wait for a bit” by an avian-esque alien with a voice as velvety as a Victorian chaise, and I may or may not have dubious feelings about why I am okay with that.… Read the rest