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Holy Character Design Batman!

As comic books have evolved over the years, their stories and characters have grown as well. Golden age superheroes have been given sleek new looks, and darker storylines as comics move into the modern, or dark age. Out of all of the golden age heroes, it seems as though Batman has undergone the most change, which can be most seen in his film adaptations. Because film is so closely related to the comic book world, it is useful to examine how Batman has been translated onto the big screen, throughout multiple adaptations. 27-2-closeup-300x300 We first begin with the original Batman comic  from 1939.… Read the rest

Games in Film: A Tradition of Crap

The process of adaptation has been used to transform one form of media into another.  This act allows a familiar story to gain new context and ways to express itself.  From books made into films, to comics made into cartoon series, and board games made into films (Battleship), these adaptations, for better or worse, add new dimensions to the source material.  Fort this entry I’m going to focus on video game to film adaptations.

Out of all the different ways that one form of media has been adapted into another, the most unsuccessful has to be that of adapting video games to film. … Read the rest