This class has some ambitious goals: we have a lot of material to cover, and we have an opportunity to dig deeply into games and game culture. For either of these things to happen, though, I need a commitment from everyone to bring your best effort to everything we do. Mainly, I expect everyone to come to class every day, prepared to discuss the assigned content in detail. Take notes as you read or play, and bring those with you. At a minimum, contribute to the conversation by asking and answering questions.

Your participation assignment, worth 20% of your overall grade, is an evaluation of how well and how consistently you’ve contributed to the success of the class. You’ll begin the semester with a C+ for participation — a reflection of your default commitment to participate through the weeks ahead. You can influence that grade in several ways.

To improve your participation grade:

  • be in class every time we meet (see attendance policy)
  • ask and answer questions in class
  • engage actively with small group discussions and activities
  • add to the distributed conversation online, through Twitter, Tumblr or other means
  • post comments and reply to comments on the blog, even if you’re not in the midst of a Discussion rotation.

To lower your participation grade:

  • stop coming to class
  • remain perfectly silent during class discussions
  • spend your time in class goofing off on the computer or doing work for other classes
  • ignore Twitter, blog replies, and other means of distributed conversation

I’ll update your participation grade periodically, as circumstances warrant.