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Business Over Brevity

I feel conflicted. There seems to be a plague sweeping through gaming culture these days, and I don’t know how I feel about it yet so perhaps at the end of this article I will have reached some kind of conclusion. My problem, and the plague that I am referring to is the franchise. If a game is met with enough success nowadays, the company will make a sequel, and if that sequel is met with enough success they make another sequel, and another and another, and more often than not it seems that what started out as a good idea, and what was originally something that many game developers and designers were very passionate about, is now an instance of quantity over quality, the more games they sell, the more games they can make, regardless of whether or not the sequels are matching the standards of their predecessors.… Read the rest

The White Mage: Great Ally or Useless Party Member

In any game where you have to build a team, there are always different classes that you put together to make the perfect team. These classes range from close combat heavy hitting tanks, to long ranged magic using wizards. There are a multitude of different class but that one that no one ever seems to want to use it the white mage. The white mage, or sometimes know as a healer class, is viewed by some as a useless class because their powers mostly consist of healing other team members. Some do not like this because normally a white mage as lower attack power and therefor, cannot do a significant amount of damage to enemies.… Read the rest

Distrust or Despair – Danganronpa

WARNING: The following will contain spoilers of Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc. I highly suggest either watching a game playthrough or play the game yourself before reading this article. The following also contains dark and disturbing themes and visuals.


Imagine yourself transferring over to a new school where it only accepts the best of the best. From the Ultimate Martial Artist all the way to something like the Ultimate Lucky Student, the school handpicks other students to enroll due to their Ultimate abilities. Regardless on why they handpicked you, you approach the school’s doors only to find yourself dizzy and disoriented before passing out.… Read the rest

Minecraft: A Gamer’s Space for Creativity

Minecraft is a simple game.  Simply collect supplies, build structures and survive hunger and the many monsters roaming the imaginary world presented in the game.  Even the graphics are relatively basic, the world being presented in a cube-like fashion.  And yet, if you haven’t played Minecraft already, its likely that you’ve at least heard about it.  In fact, it is probably one of the most popular games currently on the market.  How can this be?



The very fact that Minecraft is simple is one of the biggest reasons for its popularity in my opinion.  The game doesn’t bog you down with quest after quest that get more and more difficult as you continue through the game.  … Read the rest

The Obscure Mechanics of Lying and Anonymity

Lying is something we’ve all done in video games though, usually, it it isn’t to actually play the game in its true form. In the Town of Salem, player are expected to lie directly and often. Well, some of them anyways.


From History classes we should all know exactly what the Salem Witch Trials were. In this game you are expected to root out evil as a member of the little, suspicious town of Salem, but the game adds in a few obscure mechanics that we don’t see implemented in anything outside of chat rooms. Lying and Anonymity are taken further in this game to instill anxiety and uncertainty to every move the town makes.… Read the rest

Medal of Honor: Warfighter, The Game that Never got a Chance

As an avid FPS gamer, I have played various FPS games like COD, Battlefield, Halo, Titanfall, and Destiny.  However, in my opinion, Medal of Honor: Warfighter is by far my favorite and best FPS I have ever played.  The game look amazing on the Frostbite 2 engine and to me still looks nicer than Battlefield and COD.

Starting off with the campaign, it was OK.  Throughout the campaign you either play as Preacher or Stump, going through Tier 1 mission dealing with terrorists and all of their doors.  One of the unique features of this campaign is breaching, where you get to choose to between different ways to break down doors and you get more options the more headshots you get when killing the enemies post breach.  … Read the rest

The Dark Side of Nintendo: Mother 3

Everyone knows Nintendo for being the game company that creates games that usually target children.  They make light-hearted game series such as Mario and Kirby that are just fun games where players commonly run around, jump on things, copy enemy powers, and save the princess.  No one would ever expect a Nintendo game with familial and animal abuse, characters with questionable gender, a once-peaceful village corrupted by modernization, or a twin brother who kills himself shortly after finding his own twin who he has not seen for over three years.  No would ever expect it but that’s precisely what everyone got in Mother 3, the darkest game to ever be developed and produced by Nintendo.… Read the rest

SWAT 4; A Game Ahead of its Time



Picture yourself leading a highly trained SWAT team into a desperate hostage situation. Negotiations have failed, and now those civilian lives are in your hands. You must choose your point of entry, and plan out your tactical take down of these criminals, while making sure you and your team stay as safe as possible. You must choose when to use lethal force, or try and take the situation using your countless non-lethal options. And you must choose who goes through each and every door first. In SWAT 4, you will face these decisions in every single mission. Every time you step into a new situation, there will be elements you have not encountered before.… Read the rest

Living Room flashbacks forever or until they take it down!

the living room on the fourth floor of the convergences center is a cesspool for those who are babies of the 80’s. from the all wood paneling and shelving to the woven textiles of the space the room says one thing.. old school. the tv’s that are up there are just like the one i had as a kid, they hum sometimes the color and image change and waver with the cathode ray tubes. I miss tv’s like that because they blurred the image a bit, and like all true art nothing is crystal clear. the actual consoles themselves such as the nes, atari, and atari jaguar all aesthetically represent their time.… Read the rest

Tales of the Abyss: The Idea of Existence

Tales of the Abyss is a popular installment in the Tales of franchise. It is centered around the main character, Luke Fon Fabre, the son of duke. He is thrown into the midst of adventure when he and Tear Grant have a reaction as a result of 7th fonons, particles that exist within that world. Initially spoiled, selfish, self centered and rude, Luke later finds out that he is the clone of the real Luke Fon Fabre, now known by the name of Asch. After Luke accidentally causes the destruction of a city and his friends abandon him, he decides to change.… Read the rest