The “discussion” rotation is an important part of the community array of assignments. During their tenure as discussants, students in this group will be in charge of complicating, responding to, and expanding on the content introduced by students in the blogging group.

Of course, anyone may post a comment at any time, but students in a discussion cohort should post at least three substantive, engaged comments of 100 words or more per rotation. These comments should go well beyond a simple rebuttal or affirmation of a blog post. Instead, an excellent comment is one that clarifies, extends, or provides further context for a topic, text, or concept introduced in the blog entry.

Commenting is worth up to 40 points, if done on time, completely, and competently.

Submitting your work

Submit this by the end of your group’s assigned rotation, and note — like others of these communal assignments — the Canvas assignment page only has one due date; you’re responsible for keeping track of when your comments are due for each of your group’s two comment rotations. On the Canvas submission page, you’ll copy and paste the permalinks to your best three comments from this rotation. Find your comment permalinks by clicking on the date that appears above the comment. (The URL should end in something like “#comment-4”.)

Round 1 Due Dates

Group 1 February 28
Group 2 January 31
Group 3 February 24
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Round 2 Due Dates

Group 1 April 18
Group 2 April 4
Group 3 March 21
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