Among the “community” of assignments, blogging is the most rigorous and specific. More than a simple reflection on the recent material, a blog entry should be substantive, interesting, and novel. Each blog entry should contribute something new to the conversation, either by introducing some new text (for example, a game we haven’t studied) or by introducing some new, critical perspective on a text (for example, a feminist reading of BioShock).


Following are some suggestions. You aren’t restricted to these topics, but they should give you a good idea what sorts of things make good topics. A recurring theme you should notice here is that each involves bringing in something novel.

  • Read an article from one of the scholarly journals in the middle column down at the bottom of this page. Find an article about a game you know well. Write a blog entry discussing how that article changed your understanding or your playing of that game.
  • Prepare a close reading or “close playing” of an interesting videogame. Even better, find a game you think few of the rest of us will be familiar with.
  • Experiment with applying a specific literary-theoretical approach (feminist, Marxist, etc.) to a game.
  • Write a


Every blog entry should, at a minimum, contain the following elements:

  • Links. In the spirit of introducing something new and novel to the discussion, your blog entry should include at least one link to something outside of our class site.
  • Tags. When you create your blog post, include at least three tags or keywords that relate to your content
  • A featured image. Include some image that conveys the basic topic of your blog entry. A screenshot of the game your discussing, for example.
  • At least 600 words. Really, your blog entry should just be “long enough,” whatever the actual word count. For most writers, about 600 words is enough time to delve into a topic.

Grading Criteria

An excellent blog entry is one that introduces something interesting, novel and relevant and that engages with that topic through a sustained, well-informed analysis. If your blog entry discusses something that another blogger has already written about, you should link to it. If your blog entry refers to a video, it should be linked or embedded. If you refer to a news item, journal article, or a game that is playable online, you should link to that as well.

An exceptional blog entry will also be written in clear, correct and engaging prose, and it should be structured well for the web and conceived with an appropriate sense of tone.

You should strive to emulate the depth and engagement of better game blogging, sometimes called “game criticism”, or even “new game journalism.” At the bottom left of this page, you’ll find a list of links to some blogs that tend to feature this sort of writing.

The best blog entries will be featured in the rotating slider at the top of our homepage.

Submitting your work

Your blog entry should be posted here at the class blog in the “Blog” category some time before the due date for the rotation in which your group is responsible for blogging. There are a total of 6 rotations, so with three groups and three tasks to rotate among, each student will eventually create and submit two blog entries.

Of course, you’re welcome to submit more than two blog entries — during your blog rotation or not — but you need only submit one blog entry per blog rotation.

Submit your work in Canvas, using the buttons below.

Round 1 Due Dates

Group 1 January 31
Group 2 February 14
Group 3 February 28
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Round 2 Due Dates

Group 1 April 4
Group 2 March 21
Group 3 April 18
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