Community Role Playing

The “community” group of assignments is one of the ways this class will explore games and culture throughout the semester. Working in three groups, you will rotate responsibility among three major tasks related to building the online community of this class. Most of these rotations will last two weeks. During a rotation, you and your teammates (15 or so) will be responsible for one of the following three activities: Blog, Discuss and Extend. At the end of that two weeks, you’ll submit something in Canvas so that you can receive a grade for your work. Please note: since these are rotating assignments and Canvas only permits one due date per assignment, you’ll be responsible for keeping track of what you should be turning in at the end of each rotation.

Also, any of the tasks identified here may be completed by anyone at any time — but during a rotation, one group will have primary responsibility for their task.

The table below displays each rotation and each team’s responsibility during that rotation. Each group name is linked to that group’s page in Canvas, and each task is linked to the page that describes that task in detail.

(UPDATED 3/12/13: Some names have been changed here, but the rotation still follows the chart below. Think of these new names as roles you play during a rotation.)

1 2 3 4 5 6
Jan 17 – 31 Jan 31 – Feb 14 Feb 14 – 28 Mar 11 – 21 Mar 21 – Apr 4 Apr 4 – 18
Group 1 Blog Extend Discuss Historian Blogger Respondent
Group 2 Discuss Blog Extend Blogger Respondent Historian
Group 3 Extend Discuss Blog Respondent Historian Bloggers