Author: Sweetman

The Obscure Mechanics of Lying and Anonymity

Lying is something we’ve all done in video games though, usually, it it isn’t to actually play the game in its true form. In the Town of Salem, player are expected to lie directly and often. Well, some of them anyways.


From History classes we should all know exactly what the Salem Witch Trials were. In this game you are expected to root out evil as a member of the little, suspicious town of Salem, but the game adds in a few obscure mechanics that we don’t see implemented in anything outside of chat rooms. Lying and Anonymity are taken further in this game to instill anxiety and uncertainty to every move the town makes.… Read the rest

Do You Feel Like A Hero Yet?

[Warning: This analysis will have both spoilers and deal with content which is not for everyone. If you are squeamish or faint of heart it is not recommended that you read this article due to the images that will be used in it or play this game since the images are scenes from this game. This game is fully and vehemently recommended by the author even with it being of a more brutal nature.]


War. In games its a beautiful thing, because, let’s face it, we get to become the heroic soldier or masterful tactician that saves the day in each battle, turns the tides and, finally, wins the war after performing some great and dramatic act.… Read the rest