Author: Steve

Nostalgia for Mario RPG: Revisiting and Reassessing a Childhood Favorite

Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars for the Super Nintendo is one of my all-time favorite games/memories from childhood. I played the game with my brother for hours on end and was enchanted by the graphics, music, and characters. Sadly, around age 10 or 11 my Super Nintendo broke, rendering the dozens of games I had purchased for the console useless. I traded and sold them all away except for one: Super Mario RPG. I just couldn’t do it to myself to let it go. If, for any reason, I got ahold of another Super Nintendo, I wanted to be sure that I could play that game.… Read the rest

Oculus Rift: The Future of Gaming?

Virtual reality has long been the stuff of fantasy in the world of games and gamers; a matter of dreams and science fiction. In some respects, true, stepping-into-another-world virtual reality represents the pinnacle of video games and an overall technological goal in the industry. Small steps have been made towards this goal, perhaps, if the definition of virtual reality is broadened. Second Life offers up some of the ambition and goals of virtual reality, but is a stilted overall experience that is now quite dated. Recent video games with enhanced high definition graphics and increasingly sophisticated immersion techniques, while not attempting true virtual reality, have created worlds for gamers that come alive in their own respect.… Read the rest