Author: stevenf

Minecraft: A Gamer’s Space for Creativity

Minecraft is a simple game.  Simply collect supplies, build structures and survive hunger and the many monsters roaming the imaginary world presented in the game.  Even the graphics are relatively basic, the world being presented in a cube-like fashion.  And yet, if you haven’t played Minecraft already, its likely that you’ve at least heard about it.  In fact, it is probably one of the most popular games currently on the market.  How can this be?



The very fact that Minecraft is simple is one of the biggest reasons for its popularity in my opinion.  The game doesn’t bog you down with quest after quest that get more and more difficult as you continue through the game.  … Read the rest

The Struggles of an Aviation Geek Gamer

“Don’t you get bored just sitting there staring at a plane?”, my friends would often ask me. This was the question I would be asked time and time again, regarding my enthusiasm for PC aviation games. For most of my gaming life, Microsoft Windows-based flight simulation games have been the center of interest for me regarding video games. Being an avid aviation geek has rubbed off on me in the biggest way when it comes to my gamer profile. I have lost count of the number of aviation-related computer games I have played over the years, many of which ended up disappointing me, due to their lack of realism in terms of aircraft dynamics ect.… Read the rest