Author: stephk

A Slave Obeys: Persuasion in Bioshock.

Warning: Spoilers


Society has a funny way of making people do things they otherwise may not have done, like beating a man to death with a golf club. We have all heard of persuasion. We have all persuaded others to do things they may not have wanted to do otherwise. However, I think it is fair to assume no one reading this has killed a man simply because someone told them to. How does the art of persuasion work? Jack, the unnaturally willing slave in Bioshock one, provides a glimpse on how powerful persuasion can be.

The term persuasion means to induce someone to believe something by appealing to reason or circumstance.… Read the rest

A Man Chooses; Bioshock Parallels.

“A man chooses, a slave obeys.” From Rapture to Columbia, an exceptionalism ideal has been placed on display for all gamers to digest. Parellels in Columbia to America are stark. As a culture, Americans have been know to be exceptional at seeing themselves as exceptions. Bioshock 1 perpetuated this idea with Rapture, a city underwater, and again with Bioshock Infinite and Columbia, a city in the sky. (There was a Bioshock 2, but it is a dark shadowy place that should never be visited.) The parallels between Bioshock Infinite and the time period it is set in (1912 America) may be overlooked.… Read the rest