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Disorder Caused By Order: I Read the Book and Now the Movie Sucks!

In American culture we seem to be re-living our original love for the comic book genre. New fans and old fans alike flock to see these movie adaptations of old beloved comic books that have remained in public memory for generations. The movies stand alone, as do the comics, but does their relationship end there? As the two may share the same plot, inhabit the same world, do they not affect each other? In this time of book to movie franchises, viewers are previous readers who claim about the book was so much better, even when the movie may closely follow the book.… Read the rest

Guild Wars 2: Breaking the Trope

  Hearing about MMORPG’s always seem to sound the same in terms of complaints and descriptions. It’s too difficult for beginners, the toxicity of other players, the game mechanics are difficult to understand, they continually ask for money in terms of pay-to-win, etc,. As someone who doesn’t often play MMORPG’s, it’s always been a challenge to look past the grimy outside stigmas of this popular genre. Depending on complete strangers to play and win always seems like a weird concept, much more so when you’re comfortable playing at home relying on your own skills instead of whoever happens to be online. But not all games follow this strict description of set characterization and reliance on other, often hostile strangers.… Read the rest

Kingdom Hearts: A Cultural Love Child

  What the heck is sea salt ice-cream? Whenever a game is brought over to the US, there is always a question of culture changes. Each culture has different views and thoughts on symbols and events, sometimes resulting in a rice ball becoming a doughnut in a version brought over to the US. There is always the question of what to change and what to keep the same.   But how does this translate into a game with both roots in Japan and the US? The Kingdom Hearts series is the result of a mixing of cultures, with characters and worlds from both the American company Disney, and Square Enix in Japan.… Read the rest