Author: sfrancis

Five nights at Freddy’s: Why having almost no information is the best information.

I hate jumpscares. It’s so bad that when playing Gone Home in that spooky house, I freaked out several times even though I was assured by multiple people that there was nothing to worry about in this game.

So why the hell am I consuming Five nights at Freddy’s lore and fan theories like they’re Hershey chocolates?

It’s because there are so many unanswered questions!

This game is an indie game that was released Aug. 2014 on Microsoft windows and as a mobile app. It was made using Clickteam fusion 2.5 engine. Its mechanics consist of a stationary character sitting in an office trying to defend against four animatronics that will kill you if they get their hands on you.… Read the rest

Journey: The game of the eight fold path.

This game is three parts fun, four parts creative and ten parts breathtaking. The golden sands, the fluid movements and the silent narration give the impression that this game is supposed to be played quietly, and with reverence. Journey, made by Thatgamecompany, does not have any monsters to fight, not dialogue to dictate the story, and no official overarching plot. The game relies on its gripping graphics and simplistic visual cutscenes. The gameplay consists of the androgynous character through the destroyed world to reach this peak. When I was playing this game: my group of friends coined the phrase “Zen game,” because the music and the casual gameplay, but despite those traits, this game is very eerie.… Read the rest