Author: rselbrede

Disputes Should Be Settled By Loud Arguments- Munchkin Rules

How much of an impact do rules have on the gaming experience? Based on my own gaming history, I would say more than you might think.


One day, my friend came over to my apartment while my boyfriend was there. My boyfriend had just recently bought the original Munchkin. At this point in time, neither my friend nor I had ever played Munchkin. So, my boyfriend started to teach us by reading the rules to us. And if you have ever read the rules to Munchkin or even just read the back of the box, you will understand what took place next.… Read the rest

Checks and Balances in Android: Netrunner


Have you ever tried to play a game against someone who is playing essentially a different game? That sounds pretty chaotic, right? In Android: Netrunner by Fantasy Flight Games, that’s exactly what you do, but it’s not as chaotic as it might sound. There are two separate sides – that have different kinds of cards, different objectives, and different way of achieving those objectives – playing essentially two different games against each other. One side plays as the Corporation (Corp) and the other as the Runner.

The Corporations have four different faction options that are represented as mega-corporations with different options to hurt the progress of the runner, including brain damage, meat damage, net damage, and tagging.… Read the rest