Author: rajonnine

Mario Kart: Life Learning Experience

The calming words that came out of my dad’s mouth was a surprising thing to me. I thought he would be screaming at me for the first time because of my horrendous driving. Instead, he was calm and told me that I was driving great. Even though, he gave me some advice on the minor mistakes that I made, he loved the way of how I drove for the first time. He would do his best to keep encouraging myself to do better next time when I drive with him again. Throughout my driving lessons with my dad, I never argued and always agreed on the things he said of what I should do better next time.… Read the rest

NBA 2K14: The Best Virtual Trainer

My team cut the lead from 15 points to 4 points in the 4th quarter with 15 seconds left in the basketball championship game. My coach created an impossible play for our best 3 point shooter. The play was for us to set a screen for him while he ran to get open. When we executed the play, it resulted with the other team winning the championship. Although, the admiration of basketball never went away for me. The passion of the game, shooting the basketball, playing as a team, the opposing team’s challenging defense, and close games is what makes basketball so exciting.… Read the rest