Author: ppalisin

Yes, I’m Still Playing That: World of Warcraft’s Staying Power

I think we all at least have a vague idea of what World of Warcraft is. It isn’t exactly the most difficult thing to hear about, with the simultaneous notoriety and famous. There are always stories, particularly laughing criticisms, about the longstanding (not always mutually exclusive) addictions and accomplishments people have for this game that would now be approximately old enough to want its own computer, but isn’t quite mature enough yet. (Who didn’t want their own personal internet machine at 10, before parents started shelling out iPhones to satisfy complaining children?) Some particularly amusing reviews of the game, such as the one below, remind us repeatedly of the sometimes unhealthy amount of play people put themselves through as characters within Azeroth.… Read the rest

Rock-Paper-Synthesis: Conflict for Mass Effect’s Ending

A week. Hour for hour, I admit and swear on my overcrowded hard-drive that I have spent over a week of my life playing the entirety of the Mass Effect series (multiple times, I might add) as my lovely Commander Shepard. And every second of time I spent, I feel was meaningful and driven by my own personal decisions. No-one insisted on the innumerable times I traveled vertically over lava mountains, and nothing past impartially generated code decided that I needed to be swarmed by frigid thresher maws every second I spent on an ice planet. I initiated every instance where I was told to “wait for a bit” by an avian-esque alien with a voice as velvety as a Victorian chaise, and I may or may not have dubious feelings about why I am okay with that.… Read the rest