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Living Room flashbacks forever or until they take it down!

the living room on the fourth floor of the convergences center is a cesspool for those who are babies of the 80’s. from the all wood paneling and shelving to the woven textiles of the space the room says one thing.. old school. the tv’s that are up there are just like the one i had as a kid, they hum sometimes the color and image change and waver with the cathode ray tubes. I miss tv’s like that because they blurred the image a bit, and like all true art nothing is crystal clear. the actual consoles themselves such as the nes, atari, and atari jaguar all aesthetically represent their time.… Read the rest

Metroid: Dawn of the Heroine and villainess

the year is 1986 the NES is a hot item with tittles like mario, donkey kong 1-3, duck hunt, and legend of zelda. In the August of 1986 an incredibly important game was released in Japan for the first time, that game was Metroid. What makes metroid so special is the fact that is one of the earliest video games with a female lead. The point of the game is to recover all of the lost pieces of Samus Aran’s suit and to eradicate a dangerous species of creature known only as metroids. Metroid is a side scrolling shooter game which plays much like a “run and gun” expansion to super mario bros, however this game is much more than that.… Read the rest