Author: Matt Arnold

Guidance: Parental Figures in Video Games


            Looking at video games today, there has been a definite shift in the tone and level thought that has been put into them. Not to undermine the games of yesteryear, but we’ve gone from a society of gamers that plays a more simple game, to one that creates more complex games. We’ve gone from games that take the simple idea of hitting a ball back and forth between two paddles with the objective of not missing the ball, to games that have full orchestras performing in the background with voice actors such as Liam Neeson lending their talent to make the game come to life.… Read the rest

Coming out of Nowhere: Horror and Games


I’ll level with you: I’m not the world’s biggest fan of horror films, but I absolutely love horror video games. It is a genre that I feel most people overlook. Naturally, some people don’t enjoy being scared, and thus would be disinterested from the genre.  Others however might not be willing to pay the 60 dollar price tag to be scared (as noted by Cliff Bleszinski), or feel that they won’t be sufficiently scared, and thus a horror game is not worth buying.  What happened to the best selling Silent Hill games? What about Eternal Darkness released on the Gamecube?… Read the rest