Author: ZoraofWater

Distrust or Despair – Danganronpa

WARNING: The following will contain spoilers of Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc. I highly suggest either watching a game playthrough or play the game yourself before reading this article. The following also contains dark and disturbing themes and visuals.


Imagine yourself transferring over to a new school where it only accepts the best of the best. From the Ultimate Martial Artist all the way to something like the Ultimate Lucky Student, the school handpicks other students to enroll due to their Ultimate abilities. Regardless on why they handpicked you, you approach the school’s doors only to find yourself dizzy and disoriented before passing out.… Read the rest

Mabinogi – A True Fantasy Life?

Have you ever played a game and wondered what it would be like if you actually exist in the game? All the actions, wonders, and abilities you could experience in the game would be from your own two hands. You could explore the endless depths of the world as you please and if you want to match it up to a game, dying is not permanent to player characters. You’re not just existing as being the controller of the main character, but to delve into the world of the game itself and exist as if you belonged. Unfortunately, technology hasn’t advanced far enough to create that alternate universe.… Read the rest