Author: jleake33

The Epic Bail of Skate

The boards, the players, the clothes, the music, Tony Hawk skateboarding games used to have it all.  It seemed like every year the Tony Hawk series was coming out with another game that satisfied all the skateboard fans out there.  It just always seemed to lack that reality to it.  The tricks were always too easy to complete.  The skater would literally jump off the ramp about 30 feet into the air, and unfortunately, the game was just way too easy.  The skateboarding world needed something new, something to step away from the Tony Hawk series version of a fantasy world of skateboarding in video games, and get into something more real.  … Read the rest

At Least We Have FIFA

When Americans talk about their favorite sports, you hear: football, basketball, baseball, even golf.  Not too much attention on what the majority of the world has dubbed the most popular sport, soccer.  The lack of attention that the sport gets in this country is just sad.  Everywhere you go you see somebody laced out in their team’s gear.  A football jersey, with a baseball hat, and some Jordan brand basketball shoes are not uncommon attire for the typical sports fan.  Honestly, I don’t even remember the last time I saw a soccer jersey for sale at the mall.

The EA Sports franchise has always been the leader in the video game world.  … Read the rest