Author: jdesteph

Let’s Plays: A New Approach to Gameplay

I get stuck in games easily. I get stuck on what people might see as easy levels and after a few tries, I have a tendency to give up. I think it happens to the best of us, doesn’t it? We get stuck on a level and leave it on a dust. But now, instead of not knowing what happens next, we can watch someone else play the game and beat it without having to do anything. All we have to do is watch. Let’s Players make up a large part of youtube that play games for the entertainment of other users.… Read the rest

Mountain: Simple Game with Deep Meaning

This article has spoilers for the game Mountain


I was drawn to Mountain for it’s simple approach and minimal gameplay style. It’s not that pricey and from what I could tell, you watch a mountain spin around. What I wasn’t expecting was a game that would make me surprisingly emotional towards this mountain. The game also has surprisingly deep meaning with the world and how we approach gaming.


Mountain was designed by David O’Reilly the same man that made a fictional game in the movie Her. The fictional game called Alien Child where the player has a belligerent alien that responds to the player’s world and yells obscenities and insults at them.… Read the rest