Author: jblocky

Holy Character Design Batman!

As comic books have evolved over the years, their stories and characters have grown as well. Golden age superheroes have been given sleek new looks, and darker storylines as comics move into the modern, or dark age. Out of all of the golden age heroes, it seems as though Batman has undergone the most change, which can be most seen in his film adaptations. Because film is so closely related to the comic book world, it is useful to examine how Batman has been translated onto the big screen, throughout multiple adaptations. 27-2-closeup-300x300 We first begin with the original Batman comic  from 1939.… Read the rest

“F@$% You!” The Friendship Ruining Power of Mario Party

Picture this: It’s Friday night. You’re hanging out with your friends and you are all super bored. You throw around suggestions for different activities you could do together, when it happens: Somebody suggests that you play Mario Party. You hear a collective “NOOOOO” from around the room, but for some reason, you decide to play anyway. You know what you’re getting yourself into, because you’ve been here many times before, but through all the collective screaming matches, and middle fingers, you can’t say no to a rousing game of Mario Party with your friends. What is it that draws people to a game that they know will inevitably ruin friendships and raise stress levels?… Read the rest

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde: Bad Game or Societal Narrative?

Many of you have probably never played, or have even heard of the video game adaptation to Robert Louis Stevenson’s novel, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. I for one had never heard of it until my brother told me about it. My brother loves old video games, and was on the lookout for a good one for the NES. He came across this game after he had seen a review on YouTube done by the “Angry Video Game Nerd,” a popular, and comedic game reviewer. In his review, the “nerd” as he calls himself, expresses his extreme hatred of the game, saying that it is the worst thing he’s ever played.… Read the rest