Author: James Rives

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Do Your Choices Matter? A Look at Mass Effect by BioWare.

Plenty of games tailor themselves to the player by allowing them the mode of choice. In this manner, most (if done well) of the players’ choices will lead their own specific consequences and stack upon themselves. One problem that people have with some games, however, is that while the notion of choice is promised they feel that most of their input has led to them to some pre-scripted event that they had no control over. When this happens, it’s almost as if an unwritten contract between game developer and player has been breached. But when you think of games like that, what comes to mind?… Read the rest

Toxicity in League of Legends?

Onling gaming is a platform for a wider variety of fun but many of them are subject to the toxic behavior that comes with internet anonymity. In 2003 when the popular MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) DOTA was released, the online gaming world took a turn that very few could have predicted. Since then, more than a few MOBAs have been released in similar fashion, the most popular of these “secondary” ones being League of Legends.


Since it’s inception in 2009, the game has experienced steady incline with its most recent achievement being the establishment of professional tournaments where sponsored players compete for cash prizes and in-game rewards.… Read the rest