Author: isolemnlyswear

Hatoful Boyfriend: Game or Book?


Hatoful Boyfriend is an interactive text-based otome visual novel that follows branching storylines, each story with different choices leading up to a different ending. It was written and produced by Moa Hato in Japan. The story involves a human girl in a dystopian universe where she goes to a high school of pigeons and meets different characters. It was advertised as an otome game because of the multiple male characters the female character would meet throughout the game. Hatoful Boyfriend and multiple other content under the genre of visual novel have had a sort of identity crisis throughout the years. Visual novel have been argued to be games or to just be visual, interactive books.… Read the rest

Stanley Parable: The Narrator is God

The Stanley Parable is an interactive choice based story game developed by Davey Wreden in 2011 as a modification. The game was later remade under a newly produced development team called Galactic Café. The team included Davey Wreden and William Pugh. The game is from the first person perspective of a character named Stanley. Stanley works in an office setting as a button pusher. One day, the button commands stop. A narrator begins to speak and tells Stanley that all office workers are now gone. Stanley is then lead to follow the narrator’s directions as he makes choices throughout the game.… Read the rest