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Pay $20 DLC for the Rest of this Essay: DLC and Micro-transactions in Gaming

The gaming industry is huge. Triple A companies and indie studios making games for the populace to play (and make money from). Companies make lots of money from games like those based on films, a sequel to a popular game (Final Fantasy and Call of Duty) and such. Grand Theft Auto V sold 45 million copies making it the highest selling game in the series. So with results like that companies find more ways to line their pockets with cash. Enter DLC. A way to not make a new game but could make just as much money for it. This has mixed reactions from gamers (mostly negative) because there are lots of ways DLC could rip them off.… Read the rest

Smite: the Godliest of Games

We are no strangers to having mythology in our media in movies, books and especially games. However media mostly shows Greek, Roman, and thanks to the Thor series Norse gods, but not much love for other mythos. I can flip through channels and see twenty Hades before I see one Nu Wa. Although these gods usually do not get accurate representation of their original stories, like this video about Hade over film

Here comes Smite a game that is a mythology geek’s dream come true. Smite is a MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) where the main characters are literal gods and some very famous monsters such as Arachne.… Read the rest