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To increase diversity in games, we need a diverse industry

A fellow classmate already tackled this topic, albeit in regards to race. I highly encourage you to read that post, and, depending on how angry you want to be today, the discussion that followed.

At the end of the day, there’s no arguing that the bulk of the gaming industry, just like any other industry, must be profitable in order to survive. That truism has been used for years to justify the narrow demographics represented within video games: video games have traditionally had excellent sales among straight white young cisgender men, so the majority of characters represented in games should, accordingly, be straight white young cisgender men.… Read the rest

A metaphorical experience: gaming and empathy

While playing through Limbo I was reminded of another game that had a similarly minimalist aesthetic and controls, a little gem called Elude (be patent—it takes a while to load) that was created by the Singapore-MIT Gambit Game Lab in 2010. The goal of the game was to metaphorically simulate what it feels like to have depression, and despite that rather lofty premise, I have to say that it mirrors my own struggles with the disorder surprisingly well. The website describes the game as follows:

By tapping into the experiential aspects of the video game medium, Elude’s metaphorical model for depression serves to bring awareness to the realities of depression by creating empathy with those who live with depression every day… Elude aims to raise awareness for depression and to inform about this dangerous illness.
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