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Why Now Is The Perfect Time To Re-Make A Super Mario Bros. Movie

Ok, please don’t hate the post before you even read it.


Actually, you are probably thinking “holy crap, Ethan is a moron, that movie was actually one of the worst pieces of cinema ever made”.

This is of course, correct. The Super Mario Bros. movie was so terrible, it more or less predicted the seemingly eternal failure of movies based on videogames (it’s not a good sign when 50% on Rotten Tomatoes is considered a good score for videogame movies). However, the problems that have always confronted videogame movies as commercial (critical) successes are slowly disappearing, especially for a franchise like Super Mario.… Read the rest

Killing the Art Game

As part of our collective foray into the gaming universe we have delved into many different aspects and angles. So far I would speak on behalf of the class in saying that the games that have been chosen for us to analyze have been well picked (kudos to you, Professor Whalen). We have been fortunate that Limbo, Portal, Sword & Sorcery, and Bioshock are all truly fantastic games, many of which represent paradigm shifts in videogames as a whole, with each individual game having its own unique and innovative take on a genre. As part of this, our class has collectively celebrated many techniques used in these games to create empathy and to make the player think all the while playing through a dynamic and challenging process.… Read the rest

The Mystery of the Adorable Shrinking Hero

The story of The Legend of Zelda franchise is a tale seen repeatedly in observing the successful structuring of any franchise across various media. Wherever any popular franchise goes, it is certain that there will always be a collection of common themes (friendship, victory against all odds, the hero’s journey, etc.) put into the story before the protagonist finally returns home safe and sound to his/her pet dog/cat/pet cuckoo. Now before everyone gets up in arms to stand up for Legend of Zelda and their favorite version of Link’s tale, let’s clarify and say that I am not saying all of the Legend of Zelda games have always been the exact same, as Shigeru Miyamoto has always been brilliant at bringing new tools to Link’s satchel, or new ways for Link to banish Ganondorf from Hyrule.… Read the rest