Author: erosenzweig

The Fear of the Negligence

     It has occurred to me for a while now that people tend to drift over time from less to more positive stimulation. We used to eat food off the ground which we gathered, guided by our tastes. Then, we started to manipulate those taste sensations by manipulating the food we put in our mouths. Now, with the chemistry of cooking, we balance individual flavors like salty, sweet, and umami, in order to create pleasing psychological sensations: positive stimulations.

     Our entertainment has evolved over time. We began with spoken stories, passed through word of mouth, to books which allowed for the convenience of being spatially and temporally removed from the story teller.… Read the rest

In Which the Esteemed Author Argues with Great Resolve that Elder Scrolls and Fallout Games are not RPGs, and that He Definitely Does Not Cheat

The problem with me and Bethesda games is that they are too awesome. Awesome, not in the sense of being really good, although they often are, but rather in the older definition of the word: denoting magnitude. There’s so much to do in the games that they are no longer simple Role Playing Games (RPGs: those games in which one chooses one’s character and uses it as a guide to react to the environment given to them) but rather sandbox games. This is evidenced by the loose main quest of their last major game Elder Scrolls: Skyrim, as they instead chose to spend energy fleshing out side quests and other aspects of the game.… Read the rest